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Inside The Darknet | Where To Buy And Sell Legal & illegal Goods

“Our goal is to become known as the most consistent, reliable supplier of cocaine in the Aussie DNM scene,” the online listing reads. “It has been requested from a number of customers that we offer a more affordable option of cocaine so we have decided to bring out VALUE QUALITY cocaine.” This listing is one of thousands on the Darknet; a hidden corner of the internet that is beyond the reach of many users.

It is called the Darknet because its sites are not accessible through normal search engines or web browsers. Websites are only accessible using particular software programs, many of which are designed to mask anonymity. This makes it a haven for organised crime groups and black-marketeers looking to sell illicit goods.

Darknet Sale Of Medicare Data ‘Traditional Criminal Activity’, Minister Says

Once you know how to use this software, you can begin to browse the different sites.

A lot of the commercial darknet is made up of websites that look like online auctions. There are dozens of these auction sites – that look very similar to Amazon or Craigslist – but instead of iPads and phones they sell guns, drugs and fake IDs.

As with eBay, users can leave feedback. One happy customer for a drug purchase writes: “10/10, mad sniff for the price.”

Diving into these listings is like walking into a dark back alley full of shady characters. You can buy almost anything. One user who sells fake IDs in New South Wales says: “I have been making IDs for many many years. I know what to do.