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Baby Boom Auto is the new little big hitter from Kannabia Seeds and as you might have guessed from the name, she is small but packs quite a punch! Baby Boom Auto is the powerful little package derived from crossing Ruderalis with a special selection of cup winning genetics in the form of Northern Lights x Blueberry. The Northern Lights brings the earthiness to the table with hints of pine and aged wood. Whilst the Blueberry offers more fruity essences to this infusion of flavours resulting in a more sweet & sour taste which is reminiscent of a vintage plum jam. This is an easy to grow variety that is not nutrient hungry. In fact you will need to be more aware of not over feeding this plant as over fertilisation can damage its growth and of course affect your yield.
The effects of this new strain are chiefly a head high blended with an ever creeping all over body stone that increases its intensity if you are physically inactive for any length of time. The tight intermodal spacing of buds on this medium height plant is very impressive and towards the end of flowering you may be awarded some purple and bluish tones throughout the entire plant. This little big hitter will be ready for harvest between 55 & 60 days from germination and will yield around 50g/plant indoors. Even when growing outdoors, multi harvests are achievable per year as this variety can be planted between April & September, with the best results being during June & July with a possible yield of 200g/plant

Small but powerfull – this little baby will not disappoint you, for sure. This one of a kind genetic mixture (Northern Lights x Blueberry x Ruderalis) floods the room with a wonderful aroma. Some guys would compare the aroma with plum puree. Towards the end of the flowering period the typical green indica leaves turn blue and purple, what a charming sight.

Additional product information

Genetics dominant Indica
Feminized or regular Feminized
Flowering Autoflowering
THC high
CBD low
Indoor flowering days 8 – 9 weeks
Seeds per unit 1 seed
Producer Kannabia Seeds

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